Spider Vein Removal

A laser spider and varicose vein removal treatment is a non-invasive and virtually pain free procedure designed to remove veins using a highly concentrated beam of light. During this procedure, the light sends pulses to the vein, targeting blood vessels without harming the surrounding tissue. The light heats up the blood, causing it to clot and break down the blood vessel. Due to the body’s natural healing process, the blood will be reabsorbed, while the veins will disappear. Because the laser light used in this spider and varicose vein treatment goes straight to the vein, there is little or no risk of burns or blisters on the skin. What are Spider Veins? Unwanted and unattractive blood vessels called spider veins appear mostly on the legs, occasionally on the face, or elsewhere. Spider veins can be short, unconnected lines, each about the size of a large hair, they may be connected in a scraggly, ‘sunburst’ pattern, or they may even look like a spider-web or a tree with branches. Sometimes they occur on a small area and aren’t very noticeable, or they can cover a large area of skin and be quite unattractive. What causes Spider Veins? Although the exact cause of spider veins is unknown, it is known that they are related to abnormal blood flow in the affected veins. Any condition or activity that puts pressure on leg veins (such as gaining weight and sitting or standing for long periods of time), can contribute to their development. Spider veins often appear during pregnancy. Other contributing factors include sustaining an injury in the affected area, taking medications that affect hormones, such as birth control

Spider veins on the nose or face, which typically appear as unsightly red or pink clusters, may also be related to overexposure to the sun. Spider veins may carry blood, but are not necessary. Though unwanted blood vessels, such as spider veins and varicose veins carry blood, the great majority of them, especially spider veins, are not necessary. Since these veins are not needed for circulation, the question in treating them is how to eliminate them, not “repair” them. Laser spider vein removal treatments cause existing spider veins to fade from view