Laser hair removal is a safe cosmetic treatment that is extremely effective for the removal of those unwanted hairs. Until only very recently, waxing, shaving, tweezing and electrolysis were the only solution on the market for the removal of unwanted hairs. It was back in the early 1990’s that first reports have surfaced in the media about using laser technology to selectively target, damage and disable those unwanted hairs. It wasn’t long after that the FDA approved this new hair removal system before becoming a favorite way for many to removal those annoying hairs. Hypertrichosis is the presence of excess hair in either a normal or abnormal pattern. This may have been resulted from hormones, medications or metabolic problems. Although plucking, shaving, electronic tweezers and waxing all offer the result of hair removal, only laser hair removal treatments will permanently remove those unwanted hairs. See immediate results with Laser hair removal Montreal treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

Sessions in our Montreal clinic are quick (usually about 15 minutes) and during the procedure large areas can be covered. The process takes usually between four to six sessions ( each session a few weeks apart to ensure that all unwanted hair is eliminated). Laser therapy will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.