Physiodermie is a beauty enhancement and skin improvement product that was first developed in Geneva, Switzerland in the year 1974. The Physiodermie line introduces a variety of scientifically tested and natural skin care products that are all based on the principle of balancing the skin with morphology and physiology.

The physiodermie products have been made to meet every woman’s skin needs. Sintyl Laboratory through scientific innovation has made every Physiodermie product unique and powerful. With the latest formulas which are tied to the discovery of new molecules as well as high precision packaging methods all indicate that physiodermine products and formulas range at the forefront of skin science development. Physiodermie’s interest and passion in the human skin care is evident among all other things.

From natural plant extracts and essential oils the latest technological development has been the ingredient called Meima ( Micro encapsulation of active ingredients from plants and essential oils for programmed distribution ) which presents an even greatest potential for treating those hard to treat skin deformities.